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March 22, 2013

Abiding by the Act respecting Tourist Accommodation Establishments

In the course of their activities, some licence holders act as intermediaries for the short-term rental of cottages, houses or apartments. Considering their duty to verify, inform and advise, these brokers would be well-advised to know the ins and outs of the Act respecting Tourist Accommodation Establishments.

November 07, 2008

Existing inspection report: What is the proper procedure for the real estate broker?

The Regulation respecting brokerage requirements, professional conduct of brokers and advertising (hereafter “the Regulation”) states that a broker or agency executive officer must take steps, in accordance with accepted practice, to learn of any factors that may adversely affect the party represented by them or the agency for which they act, the parties to the transaction or the very object of the transaction.

September 19, 2008

Telephone solicitation rules

All real estate agencies and brokers who canvass using unverified telephone lists are subject to CRTC Rules. 

July 31, 2008

Special requirements on the part of the seller and obligation to present any promise to purchase as soon as possible

Sometimes a seller may have particular requirements regarding the timing for submitting promises to purchase to him regarding an immovable for sale. For example, a seller may want to consider all promises to purchase at the same time, on a predetermined date.

July 16, 2007

“Residential” or “Commercial” Brokerage: Ethical obligations are the same for all

Some real estate brokers and agencies offer services in more than one field of practice, i.e. residential and commercial and therefore do not specialize only in commercial transactions.

March 17, 2006

Verifying right of ownership restrictions and consulting the online land register

Just as he must verify the features of an immovable, the real estate broker must know and verify the characteristics of the immovable’s right of ownership under private and public law.

July 07, 2004

The real estate broker acting as the client’s intermediary or mandatary

Under section 2 of the OACIQ’s Regulation respecting brokerage requirements, professional conduct of brokers and advertising (“the Regulation”), a broker must avoid placing himself in a conflict of interest.

July 10, 2002

Establishing the right selling price

One of the essential tasks of the real estate agency or broker is to help the owner establish a realistic selling price. Sometimes, the price requested is inadequate because the seller lacks information. To establish the property's fair market value, the real estate agency or broker may perform a comparative analysis with other similar properties on sale or recently sold in the vicinity.

November 01, 2000

The real estate agency or broker working for a builder or developer

To what extent a real estate agency or broker may sell new houses for a builder or developer? First, it is essential to state that acting as an intermediary between a buyer and a builder in the purchase of a new house in exchange for compensation constitutes real estate brokerage within the meaning of the Act. 

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