Transaction involving a flooded property: Three things to know

Experiencing a flooding is painful. And it’s now time to repair everything, whenever possible. Due to stress and urgency, an affected homeowner may forget to take certain precautions that could be of great importance during a potential sale.

This is why we would like to point out the following items:

  • It’s beneficial for each homeowner to document all the damage caused to the property by flooding, as well as all the measures taken to remedy the damage, with supporting evidence (invoices, photos, videos, etc.);
  • When selling a property that had been flooded, the seller’s broker must ensure that all this information is included in the OACIQ form Declarations by the seller of the immovable which will then be made available to a prospective buyer so he can make an informed decision;
  • For the buyer, an inspection by a qualified professional becomes very important.

Well-equipped brokers to protect you

We prepared an information toolkit for brokers engaged in real estate transactions about properties that have been flooded. This multimedia kit contains a wealth of details describing the procedure to follow in order for brokers to properly protect the parties in all circumstances.


If you have any questions, read the article entitled Natural disasters: Impacts on the Promise to purchase or contact the information centre Info OACIQ.

Have you been affected by the 2017 floods? The Québec Government published a Guide for citizens and municipalities concerned, which deals in particular with the reconstruction standards in flood-prone areas.

Also, the Ministry of Public Security published a very useful page for the benefit of flooding victims:


Last updated on: June 15, 2020
Article number: 203654