COVID-19 Guidelines for virtual disciplinary hearings – COVID-19

Considering its public protection mission, its responsibilities, and the importance of access to justice, the Disciplinary Committee announces the resumption of face-to-face disciplinary hearings, when necessary.

Note that we continue to recommend the holding of virtual hearings. Face-to-face disciplinary hearings may resume with the presence of witnesses in the hearing room where necessary or, if applicable, via videoconference for some witnesses, whether or not the parties are represented by lawyers. Rest assured that preventive measures were implemented to ensure the health and safety of all stakeholders. All participants in face-to-face hearings must complete a COVID-19 declaration form.

In addition, the public will not be admitted to the hearings unless the Chair of the Discipline Committee decides otherwise, following a request received in advance (10 days before the hearing) that would allow respecting the maximum number of people admitted into the hearing room, as well as all necessary health measures.

Transmission of documents to the Registry

As a general rule, the transmission of documents must continue to be done electronically. For more information, see the Discipline Committee’s guidelines on the holding of face-to-face disciplinary hearings. The time required from the parties to send documents to the Registry is usually 4 days, for all parties, save for some exceptions.

Concerning the transmission of documents by the Registry to the Discipline Committee, note that they will be transmitted according to the following deadlines unless otherwise agreed between the parties and the Chair at prior management conferences:

  • In the case of submission of consent documents, the Registry will transmit them at least 48 hours before the hearing.
  • During guilt and sanction hearings, as usual, the Registry will transmit the documents at least 48 hours before the hearing.
  • If contested documents or proceedings are filed, the Registry will give access to documents to all stakeholders at the meeting using file sharing with the One Drive application. Rest assured that access to this file will be provided to you as soon as possible during the process.
Last updated on: June 25, 2020
Article number: 208080