Did you know?

The OACIQ disciplinary decisions are public

The better informed the public is, the better protected it will be: this is why the decisions rendered by the OACIQ Discipline Committee are public. Check them out for free by visiting the http://citoyens.soquij.qc.ca/ site!
The OACIQ Discipline Committee hears complaints forwarded by the Syndic’s Office against brokers and agencies pertaining to violations to the Real Estate Brokerage Act and its regulations, and imposes penalties on those found guilty at public disciplinary hearings. In 2016, it imposed fines totalling $371,300 on 345 violation counts.
For more information on how the Discipline Committee operates and how to find its decisions, read the article The disciplinary decisions.
The publication of the Discipline Committee’s decisions is in line with the OACIQ’s Strategic directions, which aim in particular at promoting a culture of compliance among authorized professionals.


Last updated on: September 28, 2017
Article number: 204006