The OACIQ suspends the agency executive officers’ licence and imposes fines on agencies concerned

The better informed the public is, the better protected it will be: this is why all the decisions rendered by the Discipline Committee of the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier (OACIQ) are public. The Organization has elected to highlight some of these decisions in the interest of consumers to better protect them. They will also serve as an example for brokers, agency executive officers or agencies.

Failure to collaborate with the OACIQ: serious consequences

The OACIQ’s Discipline Committee has recently rendered several decisions concerning agency executive officers and their agencies for not completing their self-inspection questionnaires within the specified period and, in some cases, for making false declarations or not responding to subsequent requests from the Organization. More specifically, the Committee ordered the suspension of agency executive officers’ licence for a period of 30 days and imposed fines on the agencies in question.

Self-inspection is a tool that was implemented by the OACIQ to supervise and monitor real estate brokerage practice in Québec. Each year, real estate or mortgage brokers and agency executive officers must carry out their self-inspection and report to the Organization. The aim of this measure is to consolidate or improve certain aspects of the practice and ensure the protection of the public.

Failing to carry out this self-inspection within the prescribed period and not collaborating with the various bodies of the OACIQ constitute serious violations that directly undermine the Organization's public protection mission. The OACIQ Discipline Committee in no way tolerates this type of offence.

For more information, read the full disciplinary decisions.

Remember that the collaboration of brokers and agency executive officers with the OACIQ enables the various bodies of the Organization to play their role effectively. Failure to comply with this obligation may not only result in serious consequences for the protection of the public, but can also discredit the entire profession. It unduly delays or paralyses the operations concerned, which unnecessarily prolongs the uncertainty for the persons involved (brokers, agencies, clients, etc.).

For more details in this regard, read the article entitled The broker’s and agency executive officer’s duty to collaborate with the OACIQ.


Last updated on: May 28, 2020
Article number: 204099