The Buyer’s Guide and everything on the Real Estate Brokerage Act under the spotlight

As fall is a good time to purchase a property, we use several ways at this time of the year to raise consumers’ awareness of our Buyer’s Guide.

The revised and enhanced content of the Guide and its user-friendly digital format make it a must-read document for consumers who are looking to buy a property with a broker and want to understand all the steps of their transaction. 

We would also like to inform consumers who enlist the services of a broker that the OACIQ is there to help them. In keeping with our public protection mission, we assist them at every step of their transaction and protect them by enforcing the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

Some of the means illustrated below focus on everyday life situations that may lead to the purchase of a home.

As for the video capsule produced in collaboration with Urbania and featuring comedian Louis T, it aims at demystifying the Act and the role of the OACIQ, as real estate brokerage authority. It is part of the informative content we convey.

Video capsule

Truth and Consequences with Louis T – Urbania (in French only)

Capsule vidéo Louis T


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Last updated on: October 23, 2019
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