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The Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) ensures the protection of members of the public who enlist the services of real estate and mortgage brokerage professionals governed by the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

Whether you are thinking of dealing with a broker, whether you are in the middle of a transaction or about to complete it, the Organization is at your disposal to answer your calls throughout the process of buying, selling, financing or leasing a property.

Buying or selling a property is quite often the most important transaction in your life. It’s a complex process involving several factors that should not be overlooked. The OACIQ’s goal is to protect the public and ensure that everything is done according to generally accepted practices. By overseeing brokers, the OACIQ ensures that your real estate or mortgage transaction is carried out smoothly.

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What is the Real Estate Brokerage Act?

The Real Estate Brokerage Act and its regulations gives the Organization the power to oversee real estate and mortgage brokers for the sole purpose of protecting the public. Under the Act, supervision of brokers begins very early and continues throughout their career. Therefore, even before being able to practice, aspiring brokers must complete a basic training and pass an entrance exam. It’s the OACIQ Certification Department that is mandated to issue a licence once the exam is successfully completed.  Brokers are required to renew their licence every year and to complete a Mandatory Continuing Education Program.

Several resources to protect the public

The Real Estate Brokerage Act provides numerous tools implemented by the OACIQ to protect you and ensure thorough follow-up of each request for assistance. See all the resources available to you.


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Last updated on: September 25, 2018
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