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The Act protects you

The OACIQ’s mission is to enforce the Real Estate Brokerage Act (REBA) and supervise real estate and mortgage brokers to protect you. When you sell, buy, lease or finance a property with the help of a real estate or mortgage broker, you benefit from several protections provided by the REBA.

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Contact Info OACIQ 

For any questions about your real estate or mortgage transaction, our information centre Info OACIQ is the first place to contact. Each year Info OACIQ agents respond to tens of thousands of inquiries, like:

  • Can I cancel my promise to purchase?
  • Does a broker have the right to solicit me if I sell my home by myself?
  • I do not understand some clauses of my contract.


The Public Assistance Department is there to help you

You have a reason to believe that your transaction was not carried out according to proper practices? Note that you can report a problem by contacting our Public Assistance Department. The steps below will help you trigger this protection mechanism:

  1. Identify key information about the situation
  2. Gather all relevant documents
  3. Complete the Request for assistance

Our analysts will assist you, decide how your request should be handled and inform you about the next steps to be taken.

Public Assistance Service

Practical tools

We make a range of tools and resources available to you to inform you: Here are a few of them:

Buyer’s Guide and Seller’s Guide

We fully designed these guides to help you better understand all the steps of a transaction carried out through a broker.

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Register of licence holders

We created the Register of licence holders to provide you with information on the specifics of a broker’s licence and help you make an informed decision. When consulting it, you will for example be able to:

  • check the type of a broker’s licence and its validity;
  • see the list of training courses completed by the broker;
  • see if his record contains an administrative statement or a disciplinary measure;
  • View the contact information of the establishment he or she is acting for.

Check a broker's record

Last updated on: June 17, 2019
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