Licence number


Broker's name

Bissou, Patrice



File No.: 33-17-2037

Be advised that on February 10, 2020, the Court of Québec confirmed the decision of the Discipline Committee that ordered the suspension of Mr. Patrice Bissou, whose establishment is located in Montréal, February 11, 2020 to February 9, 2021, for committing the following offences:

Count 1: During May and June 2016, with the participation of his spouse, who is also a real estate broker, concerning an immovable, set up or participated in a scheme, allowing:

to withdraw a portion of the remuneration, the total of which represented the difference between the price accepted by the sellers and the prospective buyers;
the portion of the remuneration payable to him under the brokerage contract to sell to be disregarded for the payment of his remuneration under the brokerage contract to purchase;


I. withdrawing from the brokerage contract to sell, while he knew or could not ignore that the said prospective buyers were interested in buying the said immovable; 

II. using the privileged information obtained from the said sellers while representing them as a listing broker in order to draft and have the said prospective buyers sign the brokerage contract to purchase and the promise to purchase;

III. letting the said prospective buyers accept the counter-proposal, which notably provided that the accepted selling price was $424,000, minus the remuneration payable to him, and that the said sellers also had to pay the remuneration payable to his spouse;

Counts 2a and 2b: On two occasions, on May 6 and 12, 2016, allowed the sellers to sign the Amendments forms, while the date indicated in the signatures section did not match the effective date of their signatures. 

Brossard, February 11, 2020

Renée Dionne
Discipline Committee Secretary