Licence number


Broker's name

Carier (Carrier), Sonia



File No.: 33-19-2125

Be advised that on July 15, 2019, the OACIQ Discipline Committee ordered that the real estate broker licence of Ms. Sonia Carier (Carrier), whose establishment is located in Mascouche, be suspended from July 23 to October 20, 2019, for committing the following offences:

Count 1: On or around April 26, 2013, concerning an immovable, told the prospective buyer that the former owner of the immovable may have done some cannabis cultivation for personal use, even though the statement "THE PROPERTY HAS BEEN USED TO GROW CANNABIS" was indicated on the brokerage contract drafted by the bailiffs and that she had not made any verification relating to the scope of the cannabis cultivation.

Count 3: As of April 17, 2014, while she was in charge of reselling an immovable by the promisor-buyer, did not ensure that the statement indicating that the immovable was used to grow cannabis was included in the seller's declarations form, even though she had been informed when she was mandated to put it up for sale on April 26, 2013.

Count 4: On or around April 24, 2018, as part of an investigation conducted by the Assistant Syndic concerning an immovable, falsely stated that she had not been informed that the immovable was used to grow cannabis.

Brossard, July 23, 2019

Renée Dionne
Discipline Committee Secretary