Licence number


Broker's name

Papageorgiou, Andonios


File No.: 33-20-2219

Be advised that on October 5, 2020, the OACIQ Discipline Committee ordered that the residential real estate broker licence of Mr. Andonios Papageorgiou, whose establishment is located in Laval, be suspended from November 23, 2020 to February 20, 2021, for committing the following offences:

Count 1: As of or about February 25, 2015, concerning an immovable, did not immediately list the said immovable on the Centris Listing Service.

Count 2: As of February 25, 2015, concerning an immovable, did not immediately send the following documents to the agency for which he was acting: a): the brokerage contract, b): the seller's declarations, c) : documents relating to the verification of information, including ownership titles, the certificate of location and tax accounts.

Count 3 a): On or about March 6, 2015, concerning an immovable, entered or allowed someone to enter inaccurate information on the Centris listing sheet, notably that the brokerage contract had been signed on March 2, 2015.

Count 4: On or about March 7, 2015, concerning an immovable, allowed another person to sign in lieu of the seller S.S. on the promise to purchase.

Count 5: Between or about February 25 and April 20, 2015, concerning an immovable, acted blindly or by complacency, on the instructions of the collaborating broker, or of the promisor-buyer and/or his representatives, so that the immovable can be sold at a selling price that did not reflect reality.

Count 6: On or about April 20, 2015, concerning an immovable, did not protect the seller’s interests or did not ensure to validate with the seller that the deed of sale, drafted by the notary, corresponded to her wishes and/or to the terms agreed on between the parties, notably regarding: a): the selling price of $420,000, b): the supposed remittance of a sum of $86,000 to the seller and c): the terms of the transfer of the mortgage loan to the buyer.
Brossard, November 23, 2020
Sophia Di Gregorio
Discipline Committee Assistant Secretary