Advertising, representation and social media: Maintaining trust

This training is intended for brokers authorized to work in:

- Residential real estate brokerage
- Commercial real estate brokerage
- Mortgage brokerage



Note: to find out if this training is one of the mandatory training activities you must complete, see your customized training path page. If this training is not included, you may still complete it. The CEUs earned will be counted for your elective training activities.



Nowadays, people are no longer afraid of using social media. These are platforms for exchange, discussion and dissemination that are now part of the tools necessary for broker and agency advertising. However, caution is required because the social nature of these media means that each exchanged comment can become public.

This training is an invitation to a common approach for improving advertising and representation practices on social media. By doing this together we can improve the level of consumer trust.



  • Remedying some advertising and client representation behaviours on social media that go against ethics, professional conduct or the principle of legality.
  • Understanding one’s professional advertising acts from the perspective of trust.


  • Social media and professionalism
  • Evaluation of advertising from the perspective of trust
  • Case studies
  • Agency policy on the use of social media