Annex R - Residential immovable - Online

Determining and managing deadlines on promise to purchase forms can sometimes cause a headache, especially when several prospective buyers are concerned and a 72-hour notice comes into play. Familiarize yourself with the use of Annex R, which is supplementary to these forms. Learn how to use the clauses of this annex wisely, prepare and send notices and make the required follow-ups. Thus you will reduce the risk of misunderstandings between the parties and help ensure the smooth running of transactions.



  • Complete Annex R – Residential immovable with accuracy
  • Advise a client on the notification process
  •  Correctly interpret all the clauses in order to minimize the risk of disputes



  • Drafting and presenting a promise to purchase conditional upon the sale of an immovable
  • The promise to purchase is accepted
  • Issuing notices
  • A second promise to purchase comes into play
  • Clause R2.4, the wait
  • Clause R2.5, the remuneration