Identification and identity verification: knowing who you're dealing with


Knowing who you’re dealing with is a matter of legal obligations and common sense when acting as a real estate broker. This training will help you answer the main questions about identification and identity verification. Why should you verify clients’ identity? How to identify a liquidator of a succession if the family members of a deceased person want to dispose of the deceased person’s immovable? Can you accept a power of attorney that was not notarized? How to ensure that a corporation exists and that its representative is authorized to act on its behalf?



In this training, you will learn:

  • why you need to verify clients’ identity;
  • to properly complete the sections of forms regarding the identification of the parties and identity verification;
  • to solve parties’ identification cases that raise most questions.



  • Why verify clients’ identity?
  • Identity of the broker and client
  • The liquidator of a succession
  • The mandatary
  • The representative of a legal person
  • Remote identity verification