The advisory approach for successful sales


Develop the advisory approach with tools that will enable brokers to increase their overall revenue through a better approach involving influence on sales.



  • Develop the ability to listen to clients in order to target their needs more accurately
  • Involve clients by means of emotional intelligence tools
  • Develop the ability to guide the discussion towards contract conclusion



Part A

  • Distinction between a salesperson and an advisor
  • Winning conditions to successfully achieve the move towards the advisory approach
  • Emotional intelligence as part of an advisory session for the client
  • Communication illustrated by De Bono’s Thinking Hats
  • Listening to understand or listening to answer?
  • Motivating vs demotivating discussion sessions
  • Steps towards a successful advisory session
  • How to quickly establish a sound climate of confidence


Part B

  • How to explore the actual needs of your clients, beyond their requests
  • How to conduct an effective, strategic intervention process
  • How to face a client’s difficulties and resistances
  • How to work with the usable portion of what clients bring with them
  • How to positively rephrase a client’s objections and resistances in order to maintain an excellent working environment
  • How to convert a perceived problem into a challenge and a desire for solution
  • How to bring clients to feel responsible for their decisions
  • How to maintain an effective, lasting business relationship
  • How to conclude your meetings and ensure systematic follow-up


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