BEFORE YOU SELL: Making sure you are well prepared

Selling a property is a complex undertaking. It is therefore important to be well informed and supported. By choosing to do business with a real estate broker, you are protected under the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

To make sure you are well prepared, we recommend that you first learn about a broker’s role, and more specifically his duties and obligations when it comes to the sale of your property.

The next step will be to sign an Exclusive Brokerage Contract – Sale, and, with your broker’s help, to complete the mandatory form Declarations by the seller of the immovable (or the version of this form concerning a divided ownership property).

It is your broker’s responsibility to inform and advise you properly throughout the process, in accordance with his skills and his code of ethics. You may ask him any question that comes to mind; that’s what he’s there for!

For example :

  • What is the purpose of the form Declarations by the seller of the immovable?
  • What are my options when I receive a Promise to purchase?

Armed with this information and support, you will be able to make the right decisions and to sell your property with complete confidence.


Carrying out a real estate transaction on your own or with the help of a for-sale-by-owner company is a matter of choice. However, be aware that in both cases, you will be acting without the safety net of the Real Estate Brokerage Act. To find out more, read the section entitled “Duties and obligations of a real estate broker” in this guide.


Don’t hesitate to contact the Info OACIQ information centre with any questions. An agent will provide you with the information you need about any aspect of your transaction or regarding the Real Estate Brokerage Act and the regulations thereunder, and, if necessary, refer you to the proper channels.