The Public Assistance Department

Your real estate transaction did not go very well? You may file a complaint if a real estate or mortgage agency or broker is involved!

The Public Assistance Department is a protection mechanism provided under the Real Estate Brokerage Act. It allows you to file complaints or report ethical breaches. If you believe that you experienced problems during the transaction because your broker did not act according to proper rulers, our analysts will assist you, decide how your request should be handled and inform you about the next steps to be taken. Each request is taken seriously and every effort is made to find a fair and equitable solution.

Any question?

Contact the Public Assistance Department at the following address:

To file a request for assistance

Complete a “Request for assistance” form, explaining what happened and return it duly signed to the attention of the Public Assistance Department. Please include a copy of any relevant document in your possession (brokerage contract, promise to purchase, annexes, etc.). Don’t hesitate to contact the Info OACIQ agents, they can help you complete your request, if necessary.

After analysis and research, depending on the context, the Public Assistance Department may:

  • deem that the problem is due to a lack of experience or knowledge on the part of the broker. In this case, the analyst may intervene using alternate methods, recognized for their effectiveness in protecting the public. He may issue a warning and require that the broker attend additional training to address a deficiency related to your situation for example.
  • have reason to believe that a violation to the Real Estate Brokerage Act has been committed. Your request may then be forwarded to the Syndic for investigation, as the case may be. If deemed appropriate, the Syndic may file a complaint with the OACIQ Discipline Committee.

Confidential information line

If you believe you have witnessed an attempt of money laundering, proceeds of crime or real estate fraud involving a real estate broker, the OACIQ provides you with a fully confidential tip line: 1-866-533-6363 or by visiting
Last updated on: March 20, 2020
Reference number: 200037