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The OACIQ is hiring

Are you looking for a stimulating work environment? An employer who will really help you achieve work/life balance? Want to join an organization that values initiatives and offers you the opportunity to grow professionally?

Look no further! At the OACIQ, we realized that being a good employer benefits everyone.

Competitive salaries, great range of social benefits, hybrid work mode, skills development, collaborative spirit, large workspaces, etc. Here, we spare no effort to provide a balanced environment for employees, where their well-being is at the  top of the list of organizational priorities.

 Are you interested? Do not wait any longer!

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Why choose the OACIQ?

For team spirit in a stimulating work environment

Collaboration is at the heart of our actions. In addition to our open-plan offices, modern and inviting workspaces are available to employees for team meetings.

Located on the South Shore of Montreal, near the effervescent Quartier Dix30 in Brossard and the REM, our offices allow for collaborative teamwork between all departments.

At OACIQ, we support professional development through continuing education, coaching and mentoring and the opportunity to develop your career through internal mobility.

For the recognition of everyone's contribution

All members of the large OACIQ team contribute every day to the achievement of our strategic planning goals. The organization recognizes this effort through a competitive global compensation package that is above the market median, as well as a bonus and individual and group performance management program when financial performance indicators are achieved. 

Work/life balance

To help you achieve a work/life balance, we offer hybrid work mode, flexible working hours, a minimum of three weeks of vacation upon hiring*, office closing during the holiday season, possibility of four weeks of telecommuting during the year.

*Adapted according to the hiring date for the year of entry into service.

For the importance given to health and well-being

Health and well-being conferences for both physical and mental health, on-site gym, pool table in the bright and modern cafeteria, outdoor terrace, coffee area, chair massage and nearby parks are just a few examples of what is offered to employees.


For an energized social life

Whether to celebrate the launching or completion of an important project, the recognition of years of service, the welcoming of new colleagues, the beginning of the summer or fall season, there is every reason to get together in a festive and relaxed atmosphere. BBQs, happy hours, family celebrations, holiday parties are to be put on your agenda.


For our concern for the environment

LEED certified, our building has charging stations for electric cars, completely at no cost for our employees. Parking spaces are also reserved for those who prefer carpooling. And what about alternative transportation? A covered and secure bicycle storage area and a changing room with showers are available to everyone.

To make a difference

Every year, employees have the opportunity to get involved in different causes to make a difference in the community. Thanks to our charity committee comprised of employees who organize charitable and fundraising activities, we financially support several organizations working for causes that are close to our hearts, including Opération Père Noël and Abri de la Rive-Sud.

Last updated on: November 29, 2023
Reference number: 200002