Register of administrative monetary penalties

In the cases provided for under the Real Estate Brokerage Act (s. 123.1 and following) or its regulations, the OACIQ may impose an  administrative monetary penalty (AMP) on a broker or agency.

An AMP is an additional measure that the OACIQ, as the regulator of real estate brokerage in Québec, can use to sanction certain technical offences instead of proceeding with a disciplinary complaint. An AMP is an effective enforcement tool to protect the public.

For example, an AMP may be imposed when a broker or agency fails, in accordance with the regulations, to send documents or information to the OACIQ, a client or anyone else within the specified time period.

You may consult this register, which contains the name of the broker or agency targeted by an AMP, the date and nature of the violation, the amount of the AMP imposed, and other information prescribed by law.