General accreditation procedure for continuing education activities

In 2012, the OACIQ developed an accreditation program for continuing education activities. This program encourages industry stakeholders to work together with the Organization to promote the quality and importance of continuing education for the real estate brokerage field. To submit an accreditation application for the 2021-2023 cycle of the Mandatory Continuing Education Program (MCEP) or to modify an accredited training activity, check the following sections:



Eligible training topics are those related to:

  • The legal and regulatory aspects affecting real estate transactions, whether it is the Real Estate Brokerage Act and its regulations or other laws and regulations used in a brokerage transaction, such as the Civil Code of Quebec, legal warranty, amendment of a law or regulation;
  • The use of contracts and forms relating to a brokerage transaction, such as the brokerage contract to sell (BCS), the brokerage contract to purchase (BCP) and the Declarations by the seller of the immovable (DS) form;
  • Any material or natural phenomenon that may affect an immovable, such as soil types, contaminants, flood-prone areas and pyrrhotite;
  • Ethics and professional conduct, i.e. everything concerning the duties and obligations towards the public, parties to the transaction, licence holders and the profession;
  • Professional activities like record keeping, accounting and business plan;
  • Assessment of the quality of an immovable and its market value;
  • Financial implications of a transaction, including financing (mortgage loan, qualification of buyers, other related expenses, calculation of the sum payable to the seller, etc.).

For all the features of an accredited training activity, see questions 12 to 20 of the FAQ and the accreditation procedure.


You will find it here.


To ensure a quick review of your application, please submit a complete file including: 

  • Duly completed application for accreditation;
  • A training plan listing the topics covered;
  • Complete training documents (participant’s guide, trainer’s PowerPoint, Word or PDF presentation, access codes for online training activities);
  • Information to assess the competence and probity of each trainer (curriculum vitae, contact details, licence number of the OACIQ or another professional association);
  • Payment of analysis fee.

Email the complete application to Note that the analysis period is 45 days and officially starts once all the required documents are included in the file.


Any changes to a training activity, such as changes to the description, title or learning objectives or a minor change in content, must be approved by the Organization before the training activity is delivered again. A fee of $51 plus taxes ($58.64) applies.

You must complete the request for modification form and email it to us at

However, note that if the changes made affect the duration of training or a substantial portion of the content, a new accreditation application is required.


If you wish to renew a training activity that was already accredited in the 2019-2021 cycle for the 2021-2023 cycle, please submit your application in the same way as for a new accreditation by completing this form. In section II (Type of request and fee schedule), indicate that this is a renewal request and if there are any changes. Note that if changes were to the training and affect the duration or a significant part of its content, a new application for accreditation is required. If in doubt, contact the Continuing Education Department to follow the appropriate procedure according to the nature of the changes made to your training.


Got a question?

You certainly find the answer in our FAQ. Check it out for details on the application review process, the features of an accredited training activity and what you will need to do once your accreditation is obtained.


You do not find the answer to your question in our FAQ?

Please contact the OACIQ Continuing Education Department by email at or by phone at 450-462-9800 or 1-800-440-7170, ext. 8553.


Rates below include taxes.

Accreditation - continuing education activity: $482.90
Accreditation renewal - continuing education activity: $240.30
Accreditation modification - continuing education activity: $59.79
Dues - CEU: $4.37
Basic training program recognition: $1439.49
Last updated on: February 15, 2021
Reference number: 206638