Licence number


Broker's name

Tsang, Hien Nhiep Nhip "Jeff"




File: 33-08-1137

NOTICE is hereby given that Hien Nghiep Nhip “Jeff” Tsang, former real estate broker (Licence No. B0002), whose establishment was located in Montreal, has notably been found guilty by the Discipline Committee of the OACIQ of the offences summarized below:

Count 1b): From 2000 to 2005, concerning 8 different immovable, acting in a way that allowed the acquisition or leasing, by third parties, of immovables intended to be used as growing facilities or for other illicit activities, as well as by participating in the resale or subsequent resale of some of these immovable and, more specifically by acting, among other things, as listing agent for the subsequent resale of these 8 immovables, whereas he knew or should have known that they had been used to grow cannabis.

Count 2: Concerning an immovable, allowed persons other than the promising buyers to sign 2 brokerage contracts dated November 2, 2004 and April 2, 2005.

Count 4: On or about June 25, 2003, concerning an immovable, allowing a person other than the seller to sign a brokerage contract.

Count 6 : Between October 10 and November 29, 2002, concerning an immovable, allowed a person other than the lessee to sign the acceptance of a counter-proposal and/or the lease.

Count 8: Concerning an immovable, signed the 4 following documents, in lieu and place of the buyer: a Promise to purchase and related Annex dated August 6, 2001; a Counter-proposal dated August 6, 2001; an Amendments form dated August 11, 2001; an Amendments form dated August 18, 2001; and signed as witness to the buyer’s signature.

Count 9: In Brossard, on or around January 22, 2007, failing to cooperate with an investigation conducted by the Syndic, concealing information or making false declarations, on four occasions during this investigation.

On September 4, the Court of Québec confirmed the decision of the OACIQ Discipline Committee that ordered the suspension of Hien Nghiep Nhip “Jeff” Tsang’s licence No. B0002 for a period of 5 years and 5 months, to be served whenever he becomes a licence holder again.

Brossard, September 4, 2014

Renée Dionne

Discipline Committee Secretary