Licence number


Broker's name

Nguyen, Duc Quang



File: 33-10-1354

NOTICE is hereby given that Mr. Duc Quang Nguyen, former real estate broker (licence no. D6396) whose establishment was located in Montreal, has been found guilty by the Discipline Committee of the Organisme d’autoréglementation du Courtage Immobilier du Québec of the offences summarized below:

1st count: Between on or about January 2005, and on or about August 2006, while he acted as the listing agent for 10 immovables, did not disclose to the prospective buyers at the appropriate time and in writing, the fact that the immovables have been used for cannabis’ [sic] growing, while he knew or should have known it;

committing for every and each transaction an offence to section 13 of the Rules of professional ethics of the ACAIQ.

2nd count: Between or about April 2005 and on or about November 2005, concerning an immovable, whereas several immovables have been searched by police authorities on or about March 30th, 2005 and while he acted as real estate agent for the resale of those immovables after the said searches, participated in a scheme in order to allow the official owners at the index of immovables, namely his sons, to get rid of their title of ownership, namely by :

a) putting the said immovable for sale on the Multiple Listing Service;

b) preparing the promise to purchase;

c) falsely declaring that his sons have received a deposit from the buyer of the said immovable;

the whole contrary to section 13 of the Rules of professional ethics of the ACAIQ.

On November 17, 2011, the Discipline Committee ordered a permanent suspension of Mr. Duc Quang Nguyen’s licence, enforceable as of the date of the decision, and notwithstanding appeal, if he is the holder of a licence issued by the OACIQ or, if not, whenever he becomes a licence holder again.

Given that Mr. Duc Quang Nguyen is not a licence holder, his licence will be suspended permanently whenever he becomes a licence holder again.

This notice is given in accordance with section 98.1 of the Real Estate Brokerage Act (R.S.Q., c. C-73.2) and section 33 of the Regulation respecting the issue of broker’s and agency licences (R.R.Q., c. C-73.2, r.3).

Brossard, January 18th, 2012

Chantal Peltier
Discipline Committee Secretary