The OACIQ Inspection Committee needs you!

Are you interested in protecting the public in real estate brokerage? The Organisme d'autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) is looking for candidates to establish a pool of candidates who are qualified to serve on the OACIQ Inspection Committee.

Required profiles and skills

We are looking for candidates with the following profiles:

  • Agency executive officers
  • Brokers acting on their own account
  • Residential and commercial real estate brokers
  • Lawyers/Notaries/Legal experts
  • Accountants

The interested candidates must be familiar with the legislative framework specific to real estate brokerage and/or have practical experience in real estate brokerage. They must have a good command of information technologies, show integrity, independence and objectivity, have a good capacity for analysis, synthesis and decision-making, have a sense of responsibility, show leadership, have good communication skills and have public protection at heart.

They must also have an exemplary professional and disciplinary record and impeccable credentials and background check. If the candidate is selected, a professional inspection and criminal record check will be carried out as part of the recruitment process.

Description of the Inspection Committee

The Inspection Committee is comprised of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 9 members. Its role is to oversee the activities of licence holders. Members do not personally carry out inspections but appoint inspectors to do so. Following a protocol, the Inspection Committee meets and inspectors present their inspection reports regarding brokers and agency executive officers who require various interventions.

The Committee may make any appropriate recommendation to inspected brokers and agency executive officers and have them sign an undertaking to comply with a section of the Real Estate Brokerage Act or one of its regulations.

In addition, the Committee may require a broker or agency executive officer to successfully complete a course or a training activity. If the Committee finds that a violation of the Act or a regulation has been committed, it immediately notifies the Syndic.

Required availability

The Committee holds approximately four sessions per year. Meetings are held during the day, via videoconference or in person. You also need to allow time for preparation before the sessions.


Committee members receive attendance fees as compensation. The value of the attendance fees is $560 for a half-day meeting and $880 for a full-day meeting. These sums include preparatory work, which varies in length.

Submitting your application

Interested candidates are invited to send their résumé and a cover letter by email to

Last updated on: February 28, 2024
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