Tips for a successful open house

An open house will soon be held in the property you wish to sell and you have prepared everything to show it at its best? Great. To put all the chances on your side and hold the open house safely, your broker will help you before and during the event.

To have peace of mind

Even though most open houses run smoothly, it’s better to be cautious to avoid unpleasant surprises. Here is a reminder of a few precautions to take before an open house starts.

  • Put out of the reach of visitors your:
    • valuables (cell phone, tablet computer, jewelry, etc.);
    • medication;
    • personal documents (cheque book, passport, etc.);
    • keys;
    • Remote controls (especially that of the garage).
  • Check all the rooms with your broker if possible to make sure that no valuable item has been forgotten.

After the event, inspect the premises with your broker again. Make sure all windows are still locked.

Who comes to visit?

During an open house, the comings and goings can be many. Don't worry: your broker will ask visitors to identify themselves and will keep a record of visits. He will also make sure to never leave a visitor alone in a room. If a person comes alone, don’t be surprised if your broker asks him if he is dealing with a broker, because the presence of the latter is recommended. The client who signed a brokerage contract to purchase is in fact required to mention it, when represented by a broker.

Note that a buyer may do business with the real estate agency or broker of his choice, and he is not bound to your broker simply for going to an open house. For more information, read What are the duties of the seller’s broker when I request to visit the property?

Enjoy your visits!

Last updated on: February 12, 2020
Article number: 202316