Behaving ethically in every circumstance: A solid base to protect the public

Various projects and mandates were completed throughout the year to monitor licence holders and protect the public. Promoting impeccable ethics was at the heart of our actions.

In addition to its regular prevention, education and compliance initiatives, the Organization developed an awareness-building plan for consumers and licensees based on training, oversight and education.

Here is a summary of the results of the OACIQ’s activities for 2021.

The OACIQ's 2021 annual report is available here.




The website

Our website is full of useful content and current information for anyone who has questions about his or her real estate transaction with a broker. In 2021, more than 822,000 new users visited the website.


website visits

Communications Department

The OACIQ received more than 140 inquiries from the media and granted 32 interviews.


Information centre Info OACIQ

Got a question about real estate brokerage? Get an answer from Info OACIQ. In 2021, 97% of respondents declared themselves very satisfied with the quality of the service received and the relevance of the references and information provided by information agents.

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requests processed by our information agents

Public Assistance Department

When people encounter problems during their transaction with a broker, they can use the Request for assistance form to file a complaint. The Public Assistance Department guides the plaintiff throughout the process.


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requests were received from the public

OACIQ Training Department

To ensure that their skills are up to date and in line with the changing real estate brokerage industry, real estate brokers and agency executive officers must complete their Mandatory Continuing Education Program. In 2021, they had access to 404 training courses. The Training Department manages this program.

In this year that was marked by the overheated housing market, residential real estate brokers were required to complete a free training course on the subject. 99.2% of the brokers concerned fulfilled this obligation within the required period.

CEUs granted

The Training Department is also in charge of the examination sessions for candidates who have successfully completed a basic training program and wish to become brokers. During the year, several adjustments were made to comply with health measures.



exams taken

Certification Department

When a candidate passes the OACIQ certification exam, he or she will apply for a licence to the Certification Department. This department also has the mandate to suspend, revoke or modify the licences of real estate brokers and agencies following an administrative or disciplinary decision. As at December 31, 2021, the OACIQ had 16,656 holders of a valid licence, an increase of more than 6% compared to 2020.


licence applications

Inspection Department

The Inspection Department audits licensees' transaction records, accounts, books and registers to ensure that they are complying with their ethical obligations and that they are acting in accordance with the Real Estate Brokerage Act and its regulations.


brokers and agencies inspected


The Syndic conducts investigations to determine whether or not to file a complaint with the OACIQ Discipline Committee when a violation to the Real Estate Brokerage Act or its regulations has been committed.

Considerable effort was made in 2021 to reduce investigation times, resulting in an increase of over 40% in closed cases.

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investigations opened

Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee reviews all complaints made by the Syndic against OACIQ licence holders for violations to the provisions of the Real Estate Brokerage Act and its regulations. It renders decisions on licence holders’ guilt and may impose penalties, which can include licence suspensions and fines. In 2021, the Discipline Committee received 53 complaints from the Syndic.

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penalties imposed

Le Fonds d'assurance responsabilité professionnelle du courtage immobilier du Québec (FARCIQ)

The Fund compensates consumers for the loss resulting from an unintentional fault, error omission committed by a real estate broker or agency. In 2021 the Fund paid $1.5 million in indemnities.

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Real Estate Indemnity Fund (FICI)

This Fund offers protection to consumers who are victims of fraud, fraudulent (dishonest) tactics or misappropriation of funds committed by a real estate broker. The Indemnity Committee is responsible for deciding on the eligibility of your claim. In 2021, 2 indemnity claims were approved, for a total amount of $19,373.28.

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files processed

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