Published on: February 18, 2014
Article number: 200115

Buyer’s Guide and Seller’s Guide

To help you throughout your process!

The OACIQ offers you two new tools to better understand the many steps of a real estate transaction.

The buyer’s and seller’s guides are handy quick reference documents that contain a whole range of relevant information about the process of buying or selling a residential property with a real estate broker. Developed by the OACIQ with your concerns in mind, you will find a lot of practical information on:

  • The Promise to purchase;
  • The downpayment;
  • The Brokerage contract – Sale;
  • The Declarations by the seller of the immovable form;
  • The benefits of dealing with a real estate or mortgage broker;
  • Some specific features relating to co-ownerships;

…and much more!

Check them out now!


Download the PDF (597 KB)


Download the PDF (597 KB)