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Designed by the OACIQ, our Buyer's Guide and Seller's Guide provide you with the major steps of a real estate transaction.

You want to buy?

Are you a bit nervous to buy a new home? See how the real estate broker takes care of your transaction, regardless of the step to be taken: coordination of visits, promise to purchase, transfer of ownership, etc.

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You want to sell?

Making the most out of your transaction is possible with a broker! Take advantage of his valuable advice and have peace of mind: property enhancement, promise to purchase management, counter-proposal, etc.

Explore the major steps

Are you looking for a mortgage?

Navigating through different types of mortgage loans makes you feel dizzy? Call upon a mortgage broker to help you make informed decisions: calculating your monthly budget, estimating your loan, choosing your loan term, etc.

Explore the major steps


The OACIQ ensures public protection by overseeing the profession adequately and providing quality real estate and mortgage brokerage in Québec.

Our vision

As an essential reference in the real estate and mortgage brokerage field, the OACIQ helps promote brokers’ professionalism and competence. The OACIQ is characterized by its organizational effectiveness, its interventions and its leadership in regards to brokerage development.

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20 November 2014
The seller remains free to refuse a promise to purchase even if it meets all the conditions in the brokerage contract

Note: This judgement was rendered under the old Real Estate Brokerage Act (R.S.Q. c. C-73.1) and regulations applicable at that...

19 November 2014
Avocat / Avocate, Affaires contentieuses

Situé sur la Rive-Sud de Montréal, à Brossard, vis-à-vis du Quartier Dix30, l'Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (O...

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03 October 2014
Residential immovable: mandatory forms and statements in any brokerage contract or transaction proposal concerning the sale, purchase, exchange or lease

To ensure a better protection of public, the OACIQ published mandatory forms regarding chiefly residential immovables containing less than 5 dwe...

02 October 2014
The mandatory forms for residential lease and the new recommended forms for commercial lease: when to use them?

Since December 1, 2012, the following forms must be used to conclude the lease of a dwelling:

02 October 2014
Commercial immovable or enterprise: mandatory statements in any brokerage contract or transaction proposal

The OACIQ did not publish any mandatory forms for brokerage contracts and transaction proposals concerning an immovable containing five dwelling...

02 October 2014
Mandatory statements in a brokerage contract relating to a loan secured by immovable hypothec

The OACIQ did not publish any mandatory form for contracts concluded in mortgage brokerage field. However, regulations now provide statements wh...