Privacy protection
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IMPORTANT: To make it easier for you to adapt to the new rules introduced by Bill 251, the OACIQ provides you with recommended practical tools (document templates) that you can use by adjusting them to your company's reality. Using these tools is not mandatory but aims to facilitate the implementation of the new rules of Bill 25.

Privacy policies – TEMPLATE

As of September 22, 2023, you must post on your company's website detailed information about your internal rules and practices governing the processing of personal information. Therefore, a link to the company's policies must be added to your website. If you do not have a website, you must, in your advertising, inform consumers how they can access the content of your policies.

See the privacy policy template (Word Document).

Confidentiality incident log – TEMPLATE

As of September 22, 2022, you must maintain a confidentiality incident log. If you do not use the OACIQ template, your log must contain the information required by the Regulation.

If the incident poses a risk of serious harm to the persons whose information is involved, you must immediately notify the Commission d'accès à l'information and the persons concerned. To do this, use the notice templates (French only) available on the Commission's website.

See the Security incident log template (Excel document).

Consent to the collection of personal information – TEMPLATE

If you do not use the form developed by the OACIQ in collaboration with the QPAREB, you must, when collecting personal information from the person concerned, inform him or her of at least: (i) the purposes for which personal information is collected; (ii) the means by which personal information is collected; (iii) the right of access, withdrawal and correction; (iv) if applicable, the name of the third party for whom personal information is collected or the name or categories of third parties to whom personal information must be disclosed; (v) the possibility that personal information may be disclosed outside Québec.

Use the template for the Consent to the collection of personal information (Word document).

See the Consent to the collection of personnal information for reference purposes (PDF).

Privacy policy and cookies – NO TEMPLATE

You must establish a privacy policy if you collect information by technological means. The OACIQ does not offer a template, as this policy is specific to each company depending on the solutions adopted in this regard (use of cookies when visiting your website, various applications, web forms designed to collect personal information, etc.). People visiting your website must be informed about cookies and your privacy policy must be brought to their attention.

1 Act to modernize legislative provisions as regards the protection of personal information, LQ 2021, c. 25.

Last updated on: November 16, 2023
Numéro d'article: 265256