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Lease of land intended for a mobile home

Under the Civil Code of Québec, the lessor of land intended for the installation of a mobile home is bound to deliver the land and maintain it in accordance with the land use standards established by law. These obligations form part of the lease.1

The lessor may not limit the right of the lessee to sell or lease his mobile home; nor may he require to act as mandatary for the sale or lease of the mobile home, or demand a sum of money from the sale, unless he acted as mandatary for the sale or lease.

A lessee who sells his mobile home must, however, notify the lessor of the land of the sale without delay.2

Finally, the buyer of a mobile home located on leased land becomes the lessee of the land unless he notifies the lessor of his intention to leave the premises within one month following the purchase.3

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Last updated on: December 16, 2022
Reference number: 264768