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September 18, 2019

Notice of call for applications

Get involved and contribute to the OACIQ’s public protection mission by joining any of the Organization’s statutory committees and sharing your knowledge and experience!

September 11, 2019

The OACIQ reacts to a report about the relationship between building inspectors and some real estate brokers

Following a report broadcast on TVA Gatineau-Ottawa yesterday evening about possible allegations of collusion between building inspectors and some real estate brokers, the OACIQ reiterates that any form of conflict of interest is not tolerated and ensures to take action in the event of a violation to the Real Estate Brokerage Act.

August 27, 2019

First-Time Home Buyer Incentive of the Government of Canada and broker’s role

First-Time Home Buyer Incentive: Are you thinking of buying and financing a first residential property? This program may help you reduce your mortgage payments without additional outlays for the down payment.

August 26, 2019

High-risk areas for pyrite: Broker responsibilities

Pyrite issues have been identified in cities of the Greater Montreal area. The OACIQ urges real estate brokers to inform their clients of the problems related to pyrite and to recommend the specific actions described below.

Property off the market, termination of contract: Concepts not to be confused

If the seller may no longer wish to sell his immovable during the term of an irrevocable exclusive brokerage contract, your broker may, after agreement, cancel the contract (termination). If there is no agreement, he must take the property off the market.

Broker’s duty to disclose: An added protection

The real estate broker has the obligation to inform the parties engaged in a transaction of any known factor that may adversely affect buyers or sellers or the very object of transaction.

August 23, 2019
August 13, 2019

Social media and real estate brokerage: a few ground rules

Social media: these digital sharing and distribution platforms are used more and more by real estate brokers and agencies. Here are the rules of conductwhich the OACIQ is responsible for enforcing under the Real Estate Brokerage Act, for your protection.

July 03, 2019

OACIQ Ombudsman

Any member of the public who believes he or she has been the victim of inappropriate treatment or decision by the OACIQ may contact the Ombudsman when all other remedies have been exhausted.

June 14, 2019

Signing a brokerage contract to sell, purchase or lease an immovable

When the owner of a residential immovable chooses to sell through a real estate broker, he must sign a brokerage contract. The same applies to the buyer if the broker wishes to ask him for compensation and to the lessor concerning lease matters.

June 13, 2019

Brokerage contract: The right to change one's mind

Signing a brokerage contract is an act that should be taken seriously. This is why you may, under certain conditions, terminate any contract signed between you and a real estate broker to sell, buy, lease or exchange a residential property. This is called the right to cancel.

May 23, 2019

Ten actions taken by the OACIQ for public trust

The OACIQ publishes today Trust in action – Highlights 2018 which presents the various actions taken by the Organization over the past year to fulfill the important mission entrusted to it by the Government of Quebec–to protect consumers in their real estate transactions involving a residential, commercial or mortgage broker.

May 09, 2019

Bill 16: The OACIQ proposes to oversee co-ownership and set out guidelines for building inspection

Appearing before a parliamentary committee today to present its comments on Bill 16, the OACIQ reiterates its support for the government's desire to better regulate divided co-ownership and building inspection

May 07, 2019

The OACIQ suspended the licence of 106 brokers

The OACIQ has just suspended the licence of 106 brokers who have not completed their Mandatory Continuing Education Program.

April 23, 2019

Homes used to grow cannabis: Permanent stigmas

The OACIQ Discipline Committee suspended the licence of two real estate brokers involved in the sale of a property that may have been used to grow cannabis.

April 04, 2019

Bill 16: The OACIQ supports the efforts to regulate building inspection and divided co-ownership

The measures set out in Bill 16 are an excellent basis for discussion concerning building inspection and divided co-ownership. The OACIQ intends to actively participate in the enhancement of what is proposed in order to establish safer guidelines for the public.

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