Specifics for each area of practice

A broker’s role includes both the role of a professional and that of a small business manager. Regardless of the area of practice you will choose, whether residential or commercial real estate brokerage or mortgage brokerage, you will have to obtain an OACIQ licence to practise your profession as a broker. Each area of practice has its own specifics.

A profession for you?

The profession of a real estate or mortgage broker is a complex and demanding one: the role goes way beyond that of a simple “house seller” or “mortgage finder”! C’est une carrière captivante et variée, où l’effort soutenu et le service à la clientèle sont au cœur des activités quotidiennes. Vous aimez aller à la rencontre du public, négocier, prendre des risques et jouer d’audace? Then this profession could be for you! Toutefois, des tâches rigoureuses vous attendent. To succeed in this extremely competitive field, you need to learn to combine your business acumen and your drive.

Discover the skills required for each area of practice.

Last updated on: July 16, 2018
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