Administrative fees - OACIQ certification exam

The following document lists the fees for the OACIQ exam registration.

The registration fees vary according to the type and duration of the exam and can be found on the Applicable fees and costs page.

On the above page, some other fees also appear, such as: licence modification, photo change, accreditation of an electronic document management system (EDM) or an electronic or digital signature system, accreditation of continuing education activities, etc.

If you cancel your registration or do not attend the exam, a portion of the registration fees will be refunded to you since an amount for examining your application will be deducted (as per the information found in the above document). To get a refund, you must send us a written and signed request.

Note that you can change the date of your exam by sending an application along with the payment required for postponement to the Continuing Education Department.

Do you have any question on the examination registration procedure? If so, check out this page.

Last updated on: May 13, 2020
Reference number: 205070