Request for access to is the exclusive website reserved for real estate brokers. It contains all the information and tools you need to practise brokerage.

Any student enrolled in a basic training program in real estate brokerage recognized by the OACIQ can apply for access to by filling out the form below. Access requests can be forwarded by email and are processed as soon as possible following receipt of a complete request.

Here is an overview of what you will find on

My record

This section constitutes your profile with the OACIQ. You can modify your personal information directly online or by using the appropriate form. When you obtain your licence, you will also find a complete section dedicated to the Mandatory Continuing Education Program (MCEP), where you will be able to monitor your progress in the MCEP, see the number of your CEUs and the list of training activities you completed.

FAQ on the Real Estate Brokerage Act 

Do you have specific questions about real estate brokerage, or the application of the Real Estate Brokerage Act and its regulations? Read the questions and answers in this section to help you see your way clear.

Interactive tool on forms

This tool allows you to easily find all the information about forms in the same place. It’s your ally to:

  • consult the explanatory leaflets on the form;
  • access more detailed explanations of certain clauses;
  • learn more about the different standard clauses specific to certain forms.

In addition, you will find the FAQ regarding real estate brokerage forms, as well as a link to related articles.

Inspection forms

This section contains a multitude of documents recommended by the Inspection Department. It contains quick reference guides to make record keeping easier, as well as disclosure notices, information for setting up registers and many other useful forms.

Last updated on: December 09, 2020
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