Steps to follow to become a broker

Becoming a real estate broker doesn’t happen overnight! To be able to practise the profession in Québec, candidates must successfully go through the following steps: However, before moving on to the first step, you must think of the area of practice desired: residential real estate brokerage or commercial real estate brokerage.

Step 1: Successfully complete a basic training program recognized by the OACIQ

Several educational institutions in various regions of Quebec offer this mandatory training.

Step 2: Prepare for the OACIQ certification examination

The OACIQ certification examinations simulate a real estate transaction and are designed to validate a candidate’s ability to use the various resources at his disposal and to apply and adapt them to different professional contexts. The candidate will prepare according to the examination that concerns him, based on his skills (residential real estate brokerage or commercial real estate brokerage).

Skills-based approach

The skills-based approach is a way for the OACIQ to ensure that each individual who is issued a licence is capable of bringing a real estate transaction to fruition and to act in accordance with professional standards in the fields of real estate brokerage.

Competency Frameworks

The competency frameworks are guides to help future brokers understand what competencies must be developed and mastered in order to act ethically and responsibly in their brokerage practice.

Each skill included in the frameworks was based on an analysis of professional situations followed by a validation process with practitioners and professionals in each of the areas, in order to ensure that the frameworks reflect reality while meeting the requirements of the profession.

A professional situation represents the responsibility that befalls the broker in the course of his activities. These situations lead to professional actions being taken to bring them to fruition.

In turn, the professional actions taken require proficiency with the use of professional resources. These resources are essentially the knowledge that a candidate must master to take the professional actions required in an expert and efficient manner.

The examinations are based on competency frameworks designed* to reflect the professional activities of real estate brokers and agency executive officers. Check them out (on the right) for a better preparation for the exam.

* Note: The development process for the competency framework for residential real estate brokerage was proposed by Mr. Jacques Tardif, professor at the Université de Sherbrooke.

Step 3: Apply for an OACIQ exam

After consulting the exam calendar to see the date that suits you, fill out the ''Examination Application'' form found on the Examination Forms page. t is important to sign the form and attach all required documents (proof of identity, transcript, and payment). Send everything to in a single email no later than the last day of the registration period specified in the calendar of examinations, under Details. Otherwise, you will not be registered for the desired session. You will then have to choose a new session based on the spaces available on the calendar.

Please note: In the context of COVID-19 and to comply with the 1.5-metre rule prescribed by the government, no more than 76 candidates can attend each exam session. Thus, the calendar may show sessions that are already full. The OACIQ is aware of the situation and, in the circumstances, is making every effort to minimize delays and maximize the number of sessions offered. 

Step 4: Notice of examination

The OACIQ will confirm the time and place of the examination by mail, at least one week before the scheduled date.

Step 5: Mailing of results

The current context may cause additional delays in correcting and sending the results. However, the OACIQ is aware of the situation and is making every effort to minimize delays. The OACIQ will send you the results by email. Please note that no results will be given over the phone. You can make a request for examination grade review. In this case, the exam will be corrected again completely. To do this, you must send a Request for examination grade review form duly completed to the OACIQ no later than the 15th day following the date on which your letter of results was mailed.

Step 6: Application for issuance of your licence

If you passed the examination, you will have 12 months from the date your results were sent to you to apply for a licence. To do so, please use the appropriate Application for issuance form available on the Certification Forms page.

Step 7: Receiving the licence

That’s it! If your licence application has been properly completed and all licence requirements are met, you will receive your licence by email. You may print it and present it to your clients. Note that you will have to renew your licence every year, pay the applicable fees and complete the Mandatory Continuing education Program (MCEP) to keep your knowledge current for your own benefit and that of your clients.


Last updated on: August 09, 2021
Reference number: 204982