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11. Annexes

If the broker uses a form Annex G – General to add certain provisions to the contract, he must reference it in section 11. Annexes, to indicate that this document forms an integral part of the contract. He must do the same if an Annex RC – Remuneration and costs is used.

Any document that is made part of the contract (second general annex, search plan adapted to the buyer’s requirements and comprising a timetable, document promoting the broker’s services, mortgage pre-approval, documents that will be used to communicate with the owners of properties corresponding to the one sought by the buyer, etc.) must also be referenced in clause 11.1. These additional documents do not have to be forms published by the OACIQ. If they do not have a reference number, they can be identified by their title or other description.

Last updated on: May 18, 2023
Reference number: 264983