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13. Interpretation

The forms Exclusive brokerage contract – Sale (EBCS) and Non-exclusive brokerage contract – Sale (NEBCS) published by the OACIQ include general provisions pertaining to their interpretation.

Clause 13.1 is a sort of guideline on how to read the contract to clear up any confusion with respect to people. Similar provisions are found in many contracts.

Clause 13.2 sets out the general legislative framework to facilitate the understanding and interpretation of the provisions of the contract. The performance of the contract is governed by the laws of Québec, whether it is the Civil Code of Québec, the Real Estate Brokerage Act or any other relevant legislation. This detail in the contract can be very useful in the event of a dispute or litigation where the seller is from outside Québec.

Last updated on: May 18, 2023
Reference number: 264967