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13. Annexes

The brokerage contract to sell must include an annexed form entitled Declarations by the seller of the immovable. This must be referenced in section 13. Annexes to the promise to purchase, along with the numbers of all other annexes or documents used to complete the promise to purchase, such as Annex F – Financing or Annex R – Residential immovable.

Any other recommended forms used, such as Annex G – General, AnnexDrinking water and septic system – Immovable, or Annex – Expert report, must be referenced in the “Other(s)” field. If the annexed documents are not documents published by the OACIQ and do not have a serial number, they must be identified by their title or any other descriptive name. Any annex that is not mentioned is not part of the promise to purchase.

The forms Counter-proposal to a promise to purchase, Amendments and Notice and follow-up on fulfilment of conditions – Immovable, which the broker can use in the course of a transaction, are not annexes.

Last updated on: May 18, 2023
Reference number: 265000