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15. Signatures

The signatures of the parties are the final step in the contract. These signatures formalize the parties’ intent to enter into a contractual relationship under the terms of this document.

All persons or their representatives identified in the form must sign it. If there is more than one seller, they must all sign, as must their spouses as interveners, if applicable. The same applies to the broker, whether he is acting on his own account or for an agency. If there is more than one agency or broker, the agency representative and team leader must sign electronically.

Alternatively, the team leader could give power of attorney to other team members to represent him in the signing of the brokerage contract. It should be noted, however, that the other obligations and duties of the team leader and team members under the regulations are not diminished or altered by such a power of attorney and remain the same.

The broker must reasonably inform the seller of the rights and obligations that have been set out in writing in the document he is having the seller sign, which must reflect his wishes.

In addition to the signature fields, section 15 includes a block on privacy protection for personal information held by OACIQ licence holders. This information is intended to remind consumers and brokers that they are governed by the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (CQLR, c. P-39.1) and that there are obligations related to it.

The block also includes an explanation of the OACIQ’s role. The purpose of this statement is to better inform the public of the OACIQ’s mission as regulator of real estate brokerage in Québec.

Last updated on: May 18, 2023
Reference number: 264969