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9. Change affecting the agency or the broker bound by a brokerage contract

I can happen that a real estate broker or agency cease their activities, that a broker acting on his own account joins an agency, or that a broker acting on behalf of an agency leaves to join another agency. This constitutes a change in professional identity, reflected in the licence to practice. Such a change can affect the service offered to the client, requiring the client to confirm whether or not he intends to maintain the professional relationship.

If a broker finds himself in one of these situations, he must inform his client so that the latter can decide whether or not to continue the business relationship. The brokerage contract to purchase, like the brokerage contracts to sell or lease, contains clear guidelines on this subject that the buyer and the broker must take into account, whether the contract is cancellable or not.

For more information: Properly managing the changes affecting the broker or agency bound by a brokerage contract and Notice – Agency or status change

Last updated on: May 18, 2023
Reference number: 264981