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8. Inspection by a person chosen by the buyer

The broker must recommend that the buyer have a complete inspection carried out on the immovable he wishes to purchase.

The broker must check clause 8.1 of the promise to purchase to make it conditional upon the buyer having the immovable inspected by a building inspector or a professional of his choice. The buyer may waive the right to have the building inspected. If this is the case, he must initial clause 8.1 to indicate that he acknowledges having been informed of his right to have the immovable inspected by a building inspector or professional and having waived his right to do so. He also acknowledges having been informed by the broker completing the promise to purchase of the risks of not having an inspection carried out.

Waiving the inspection clause in a promise to purchase is only appropriate under special circumstances, for example when the building is to be replaced or substantially renovated.

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Last updated on: May 18, 2023
Reference number: 264995