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Signing the deed of sale

The notary plays an important role in the completion of a real estate transaction, including by conducting the title review. One of the notary’s main responsibilities is the drafting of the deed of sale and the deed of loan.

To do this, the notary will verify, among other things, whether:

  • the seller is the true owner of the immovable;
  • the seller has the right and the legal capacity to sell the immovable;
  • the seller’s spouse or another person must intervene in the sale;
  • the dimensions of the lot are correct;
  • rights-of-way exist, etc.

Once the deed of sale has been signed, the notary registers the transaction in the Land Register, thereby making public the buyer’s ownership of the immovable, as well as the rights held by the buyer’s mortgage lender.

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Last updated on: May 18, 2023
Reference number: 265012