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4. Additional features

Additional features are those which would be appreciated by the buyer, but are not deal breakers. The mandatory form provides examples: type and year of construction, number of rooms or bedrooms, pool, proximity to services, etc. Other examples include the presence of mature trees, landscaping, neighbourhood, noise, highway access, as well as proximity to a community garden, place of worship, clinic, or other family members’ homes. The inclusion of all appliances, which is common in new constructions, could also be one of these features.

Here again, what might be an additional feature for one buyer could very well be an essential feature for someone else. Since the number of features is unlimited, it is up to the broker to clearly define the buyer’s needs and to make this a working tool that will help him find properties that correspond to the buyer’s wishes.

Last updated on: May 18, 2023
Reference number: 264976